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The national council of the state board of nursing better known as the NCSBN is the authority for taking NCLEX test exams for both RN and PN. The NCLEX test is taken to know whether the candidate is ready to start a career as an entry-level nurse.

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ATI delivers (National council licensure examination) NCLEX review courses for both PN and RN candidates. The NCLEX-PN is the designed course for licensed practical nurses whereas the NCLEX-RN is used for registered nurses with the requirement of additional educational opportunities.

It gives you the authority to grant yourself as a licensed nurse after the successful completion of state-approved practical nursing from the school. To help you prepare well for the NCLEX effectively and efficiently, many virtual programs like Virtual ATI can deliver you good content.

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The main purpose of the National Council of licensure examination-registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) is to determine whether the candidate can begin their practice for nursing as an entry-level nurse safely, and efficiently. The significance of this test is completely different from the school-level nursing test. The school-level nursing tests are just knowledge-based exams whereas the NCLEX-RN is the test application & analysis designed to test the knowledge you learned in your school. This examination requires critical analytical skills for making nursing judgments. The NCLEX test format has a particular framework to follow with "meeting client needs", you will get the integrated content in terms of 4 categories & 8 subcategories.


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Different types of questions

The questions are of MCQ type together with the alternative question types. The alternative question types can be fill-in-the-blanks, hotspots, drag and drop, and multiple responses. The contents of these types of questions are integrated.

Number of questions in the test

There are 265 question maximum and a total of 76 minimum questions to be answered in the NCLEX-RN test. Other than that, 15 experimental questions will not be counted for the calculation of your score. These are the questions taken by the examiner just to test future reference questions.

The time for the test

You will be given a maximum of 6 hours for completing your exam together with the tutorial in the beginning. There is no limit on any individual question. There are two optional breaks you can take after 2 hours and 3.5 hours respectively.

When your test will end?

  • When you have answered the minimum number of questions (75)
  • When you have answered the maximum number of questions (265)
  • When you have exhausted the time allocated to you (6 hours).

Taking the NCLEX-RN test with CAT format

Computer adaptive test which is an acronym for the CAT is a kind of testing format that is based on interactive Responses to your questions. The CAT format for the NCLEX-RN exam will ensure you that you are having not “too hard” and not “too easy” questions. The first question you will see on the screen can be relatively easier than your minimum competency level, in case you answered this correctly then you will be having slightly difficult questions, and in case you do not then you will be provided slightly easier questions than the minimum competency level.

Throughout the test, you will be determined by your level of competence.

The test for the NCLEX-RN exam has mainly 4 categories:

1. Safe & effective care environment

This includes the 2 topics:

  • Management of care: - This accounts for almost 17-24% of the questions in your NCLEX-RN exam. This subcategory has different actions like Advanced directives, client rights, case management, advocacy confidentiality, continuity of care, concepts of management, quality improvement ethical practice, delegation, informed consent, establishing priorities, legal responsibilities, supervision & references.
  • Safe & infection control: This subcategory has a weightage of 9-15% of the total questions of the exam. This safe & infection control subcategory has error prevention, standard precautions, use of restraints, accident prevention, hazardous materials, and surgical asepsis.

2. Health promotion & maintenance

The 2nd important category in the examination of NCLEX-RN is health promotion & maintenance. The weightage of this category is around 6-12% of the total questions. The different nursing actions are the aging process, newborn care, disease prevention, lifestyle choices, health promotion programs, Ante/Intra postpartum, development stages & transitions, physical assessment techniques, high-risk behaviors, and self-care.

3. Psychosocial integrity

Takes around 6-12% of the questions, the nursing actions in this category are grief & loss, support systems, coping mechanisms, mental health concepts, stress management, chemical dependency, crisis intervention, coping mechanisms, family dynamics, end of the life care, spiritual influence of health and behavioral interventions.

4. Physiological integrity

This is the final category for the NCLEX-RN exam. It has 4 different concepts:

  • Basic care & comfort:You will have around 6-12% of questions in this category. The nursing actions in this subcategory are elimination, assistive devices, mobility, TEAS NCLX & oral hydration, personal hygiene, rest & sleep, and non-pharmacological comfort interventions.
  • Pharmacological & parenteral therapies:12-18% of the exams, the nursing actions are contraindications, blood products, medication administration, adverse effects, central venous access devices, expected effects, chemotherapy, intravenous therapy, pharmacological pain management, dosage calculation, total parenteral TEAS NCLX, and mobility.
  • Reduction of risk potential:Accounts for around 9-15% of the total questions of the test, the nursing actions in this subcategory are diagnostic tests, complications from surgical procedure & health alterations, lab values, and therapeutic procedures.
  • Physiological adaptation:Alteration in the body system, hemodynamics, medical emergencies, unexpected reasons for therapy, and fluid and electrolyte disbalance.

Looking to Pay Someone To Take My Online TEAS NCLX Test?

It's a standardized exam taken by the state of the board of nursing to determine whether it is a good or bad decision to head start your career in nursing at the entry level. It is used for practical & vocational nursing programs.

The exam pattern for the NCLEX-PN

There are a total of 80-205 questions you will be needed to answer with the test stop itself when your competency level has been determined.

What to do to pass the NCLEX-PN test?

To clear the NCLEX-PN exam you need to show that your competency level is above the predetermined or standard level. The test is based on the computer adaptive test format. The passing level competency with 95% will be better.

The grading system of the NCLEX-RN

You will not be entitled to have any scorecard for the exam you either pass or fail in the examination. At the same time, the result is not also updated on the website instead you will be notified by the state board of nursing around 2-4 weeks after the test.

Authorization to test in NCLEX-RN

If the license board provides you needed eligibility for the NCLEX-RN exam then you will get the authorization to test (ATT) form. It is required for you to test the NCLEX exam before the validity date (90 days on average) of the ATT expire. You must be registered under this period otherwise you have to pay the exam fee once again. The ATT normally contains the general information like test authorization number, candidate's identical number & test authorization number.

The registration process for the NCLEX-RN exam

Around 6 weeks before graduation, you will receive two applications from your school: one is for licensure and the other one is for the NCLEX-RN test. You are expected to complete the forms together with the fees to your nursing school. After receiving the authorization to test (ATT) you can successfully schedule the test exam & date. The NCLEX exam is available to you for the complete year with 6 days a week, 15 hours a day, and 6 hours of the time slot.

The process to submit the NCLEX application

The national council of the state board of nursing takes the application from you for submission. As per the individual state board of nursing, you need to follow the required steps. Some states take the combined registration for the NCLEX-RN & licensure. In other cases, you need to apply for the licensure separately.

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FAQs By Students and Professionals

How many times it is legal to take the NCLEX PN and RN exams?

It is recommended to take the NCLEX-PN only once. However, if it is required then you are allowed to take the test within the gap of 45 days in each test. You can give the NCLEX RN test 8 times annually.

If you failed the exam then you are not alone. Many candidates are there who aren't able to pass the NCLEX RN test on the first attempt so it doesn't mean you are far behind them. Not passing the NCLEX test shows that you have not answered the questions successfully with or above the standardized difficulty level with the required competency. With this competency, you are not eligible to showcase the ability to deliver safe & effective care.

After the result, you will get the diagnostic profile which will provide you complete evaluation of your test performance like how many questions you have answered correctly, and how many questions you have attempted correctly. The more questions you will answer the more you will be able to pass the test.

If you are answering the questions close to the level of competency required to pass the test after the first set of 75 questions, you will get more questions to answer otherwise you will stop getting the questions. You can determine the problem areas with the diagnostic profile to focus on preparation areas.

Yes, you can re-test the NCLEX RN test but only after the 45 days of your initial administration. You can focus on the key concepts for those 45 days if you failed in the first attempt. You need to study more effectively. The diagnostic profile is a better tool to give you preparation guidance.


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