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Pay Someone To Do Statistical Quality Control & Operation Research Assignment & Homework help

Statistical Quality Control & Operation Research

TUTORS UMBRELLA is known for providing the best Statistical Quality Control & Operation Research Assignment and Homework help along with Project Work, Case Studies, Research Paper Writing, Thesis and Dissertation help to School Students, College and University Students. We also provide C Programming Language Online Tutoring.

We offer need based and customized solution for following topics in Statistical Quality Control & Operation Research:-

Meaning of Specification Limits like item quality, process and product control, objectives of SQC, control charts for measurable quality characteristic, chance variation and assignable variation of process, distribution of chance variable, need for detection of assignable causes of variation, determination of control limits and central line in various situations, mean and R control charts, control charts of defective p, np, c charts, meaning of statistical control and its relation with specification limits, modified control limits, warning limits and tolerance limits, methods of estimation of rational sub grouping and successive estimate, advantages of SQC, comparison of mean and R charts with p-chart for common use.

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Acceptance Sampling by Attribute like need for sampling inspection, methods for acceptance, lot quality and lot by lot acceptance, AQL, AOQL, producer’s risk and consumer risk, rectification, O.C. function, ASN and average total inspection of an acceptance procedure, single and double sampling plans and their mathematical analysis, idea of standard sampling tables, dodge and romig tables and MIL std. 105A, sampling inspection plans for variables (one sided specification standard, two sided specification), use of design of experiments in statistical process control, fractional experiments, fractional factorial experiments, multivariate quality control, control of means and control of process variability.

Operation Research like definition and scope, phases, principals of operation research, models and their solutions, monte carlo simulation techniques and its applications, linear programming problems, revised simplex method, dual simplex method, transport problems and assignment problem, sequencing and scheduling problem (2 machine n-jobs and 3-machine n-jobs problems with identical machine sequence for all jobs, 2 jobs n-machine problem with different routing), theory of games (pure and mixed strategies, minimax (Maximin) criterion, solution of games with saddle point, rectangular games theorem, m x n games and linear programming, 2 x 2 games without saddle point, graphical solution of 2 x n and m x 2 games).

Inventory Control Systemlike inventory models, costs, advantages, EOQ, models without shortages, reorder level and optimum buffer stock, EQO models with shortages, multi-item inventory models with quality discount, probabilistic models, queueing systems its characteristics, steady state solution of (M/M/1) and (M/M/c) models, (M/G/1) model, (M/Ek/1) model, mixed queueing model like (M/D/1), (M/D/1).

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