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Numerous marvels of business, financial aspects and sociology gangs uncertainly on the results may not generally be the same even under the same arrangement of circumstances. They need deterministic normality in its results. The probability of likelihood has its inception in the session of chances identifying with betting, for example, flipping of a coin, tossing an ivories, drawing a card from a pack of cards and so forth. Throughout the year, diverse powers contributed in building up the likelihood hypothesis to be specific Galileo. Likelihood probability is being connected in basic leadership in financial matters, business, political, social, drug, protection and so forth. Likelihood is a dialect in which we talk about vulnerability.

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The topics covered under probability are: Set theory, Logics, Techniques of proof, Real and complex numbers, Sequences, Functions, Metric spaces, Notions of limits and convergence, Continuity, Differentiation and integration, Probability concepts in a measure theoretic setting, Probability spaces, Random variables, Expected value, Conditional probability and expectation, Construction of probability spaces with emphasis on stochastic processes, Operator methods in probability, Generating functions, Binomial & Poisson Distribution, Probability distributions – Normal, Binomial, Poisson, Hyper geometric, Moment generating functions and Laplace transforms and characteristic functions.

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