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Mathematics is the investigation of amount, structure, space, and change. Math’s is more than just numbers; it’s the study of calculation of everything that surrounds us.

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We offer need based and customized solution for following topics in Mathematics and Statistics:-

Relation like Cartesian product of sets, relations as sets of ordered pairs, types of relations, properties of relations, congruence relations, equivalent classes.

Functions like functions as set of ordered pairs, types of functions, equality of functions, algebra of functions, composition of two functions, inverse functions, characteristics functions, functions in business economics, equilibrium prices, binary operations, properties of binary operations.

Theory of Matrices like matrices, types of matrices, equality of matrices, operations on matrices, properties of operations, singular matrices, inverse of matrix, adjoint of matrix, rank of matrices, elementary row / column transformation, row / column equivalent canonical forms, inverse using elementary transformation, solution of a system of linear equation using elementary transformations.

Basic Statistics like definitions, merits, demerits, frequency distributions and frequency charts, measures of central tendency, arithmetic mean, geometric mean, harmonic mean, median, mode, quratiels, deciles and percentils, measure of dispersion, range, quartile deviation, mean deviation, standard deviation, skewness and kutosis.

Probability Theory like sample spaces, events, types of events, algebra of events, conditional probability, theorems on probability, baye’s theorem.

Random Variables and Distribution like discrete and continuous random variables, mathematical expectations and variance, discrete probability distributions, Bernoulli distribution, binomial distribution, its density function, mean and variance of the distribution properties and uses, poisson distributions, its density function, mean and variance of the distribution, properties and uses, geometric distribution, hyper-geometric, negative binomial distribution, rectangular distribution, exponential distribution, Cauchy distribution, gamma distribution, beta distribution.

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