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Econometrics And Investment System

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Nature of Econometrics like general linear model (GLM) and its extensions, ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation and prediction, use of dummy variables and seasonal adjustment, generalized least squares (GLS) estimation and prediction, heteroscedastic disturbances, pure and mixed estimation, grouping of observations and of equations, auto correlation and its consequences and tests, Theil BLUS procedure, estimation and prediction, multicollinearity problem and its implications and tools for handling the problem, ridge regression.

Linear Regression with Stochastic Regressor like instrumental variable estimation, errors in variables, autoregressive linear regression, distributed lag models, use of principal components, canonical correlations and discriminant analyses in econometrics, simultaneous linear equations model, identification problem, restrictions on structural parameters, rank and order conditions, restrictions on variances and covariances, estimation in simultaneous equation model, recursive systems, 2 SLS estimators, limited information estimators, K-class estimators, 3 SLS estimation, full information maximum likelihood method, prediction and simultaneous confidence intervals, Monte Carlo studies and simulation.

Main Themelike risk-return trade off, money market, fixed income, equity, stocks and bonds, treasury notes, market indexes, rates of interest, compound interest, inflation, risk in a portfolio context, law of one price and arbitrage, risk and risk aversion, mean variance analysis, allocation between risk and risk free portfolios, diversification and portfolios risk Markovitz portfolio selection, optimal portfolios.

Capital Assets like pricing model, passive strategy, risk premium, index models and diversification, CAPM and index model, options markets, American and European options, call and put options, open strategies, option like instruments, option valuation, binomial option pricing, Black-Scholes option valuation, uses of Black-Scholes formula, future markets, mechanics and strategies, future prices, expected spot prices.

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