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Statistics is basically a practice and science of enhancing knowledge of human with the use of empirical data that is expressed in quantitative form. Rather than branch of mathematics Statics is term as distinct mathematical science.  Analysis process includes collection and analyzing of the particular data and briefing that data into numerical form. It provides tools that help in forecasting and prediction. It is applicable to various varieties of the academic disciplines such as Insurance, Finance and Economics.

Statistics assignment covers following topics:

 Index Numbers



 Analysis Variance

Linear programming


R Software

Binomial Distribution


Standard Deviation

Simplex method

Bayesian Estimation


Transportation Problem

Poisson Distribution

ChiSquare Distribution


Theory Probability

Queuing Theory


Markov Analysis

Vital Statistics

Program Evaluation & review technique


Linear Programming



Coefficient Variance

Operation Research

Tree Diagrams


Hypothesis Testing

Normal Distribution

Time Series


Game Theory



Common assignment received by us in for Statistical Assignments are listed below:

  • Regression Analysis
  • Probability (Condition Probability, Probability of an event, Continuous and Discrete Probability Distribution)
  • Random variables and Processes
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • Z-Tests, T-tests, Chi-square tests
  • Probability distribution – Normal, Poisson, Binomial, Hyper geometric etc
  • Sampling Theory
  • Measures of Dispersion – Mean deviation, Standard deviation, Variance
  • Measures of central tendency – Median , Mean, Mode
  • Testing series analysis and forecasting
  • Analysis of variance
  • Confidence intervals
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Correlation and Causation
  • Linear Programming Problems
  • Factor Analysis
  • Power and Confidence
  • Ratings and scaling of scores


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