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How to Write a Good Essay?

December 24, 2021 by tutors umbrella

Essays are one of the most important assignments for students right from their school life. Several competitions are held for writing essays mainly to encourage students to develop the habit of writing. Writing essays also help in improving our grammar in the preferred language of writing, and eventually, we become technically sound when writing an essay. Students or even individuals often tend to wonder about the techniques or styles involved in writing a good essay that can catch the readers’ interests. Some of the tips are as follows:


The topic for which an essay needs to be written must be researched well. One should first have to get an idea or the apt knowledge to understand the topic of the essay. To do so, search engines and books can play a vital role in gaining insight into the topic.

Analyzing the audience:

When writing an essay, it is important to know who our audience is. Accordingly, the content of the essay would vary, although the information would remain the real facts. One may prefer to write simpler English if the target audience is at the school level because at this point, understanding the points of the essay is more important than other factors of writing the essay. If it is a political essay that encourages voters, the essay type would be more persuasive.

Use of facts and evidence:

An essay should have real facts stated and no false information written. It is always advisable to support the points mentioned or claims made throughout the essay with citations of the resource from which the information is taken.


Organizing the essay effectively is one of the most important aspects of the write-up. It must always start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. In between the introductory and conclusive paragraphs, all the rest of the information should fall within the essay’s body. It is always more legible when the information is divided into several paragraphs.

Writing clearly:

If the essay is handwritten, it is important to write it legibly to easily readable. If it is a typed version of the essay, it is always better to write in simple language and comprehensively.

Restating the essay’s main point:

This is usually added in conclusion, wherein the entire summary or the essay’s main argument is reiterated in this last paragraph. When the introduction begins with the explanation of the overall topic giving an idea of the content of the essay, a conclusion often gives a point of view for the readers to ponder upon.

Type of Essay:

There are different types of essays, and the reader should select it right in the beginning that would best suit the topic. Some examples include argumentative, persuasive, process, definition, and others. The choice of the essay decides the readers’ category as well.

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