How To Plan For Writing a Dissertation?

How To Plan For Writing a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a scientific research paper that requires an immense understanding of the technical aspects of the same. It is vital to know the topic well to plan for dissertation writing. The paper’s aim is important to understand as it will be discussed throughout the paper. It is always advisable for the students to discuss the research topic with their teachers to approve it, and suggestions can be considered. The readers will decide to look through the research paper or dissertation by reading the research topic. Hence, the topic should be comprehended well and should sound formal. It should give an idea about the entire purpose of the paper.

The presentation of the dissertation is important. Before writing your own, you can research several already published resources available online. The format should be planned, and the schematic plan should also be implemented. This may take up to two days of planning, including the idea of resources to be used. The information-gathering part should take up to two weeks as details of the experiments should relate to good literature to give a valid scientific justification of the paper or research topic as a whole. The information gathered should be planned well because there is a flow to the details instead of having the data all jumbled up throughout the paper. 

Subheadings could be of help in organizing the information well. Brainstorming the presentation ideas or the content for organizing the information throughout the paper could be useful in the rough planning of the paper. This can be followed by the actual planning of the paper’s contents. Once we have the contents, we will know which information would fall under which part of the paper.

Typically, a dissertation has the following table of contents:

  • Declaration 
  • Summary/Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology 
  • Results 
  • Results analysis/Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference/Bibliography
  • Appendix

The length of the dissertation should be preplanned as well so that the write-up is not too worthy. Sometimes, as part of the academic requirements, the word count forms a part of the scoring pattern, and it is important to stick to them. It is always good to seek suggestions about the word count so that the dissertation is neither too short nor too long. The language used should be formal, and the correct use of technical words is vital. Proofreading also turns out to be an important step for ensuring that the entire paper is free of errors. The data results should always be accurate. If at all calculations and statistical data are being used in the paper, one should ensure that it is accurate and precise. The presentation of the data and its corresponding explanation should be close in the paper (either above or below the data) so that readers can immediately relate or read the section that a particular graph (for instance) is being shown. Labeling the pictures and graphs is also important for reference purposes.

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